The INCM team has crafted the CPC+ broadcasted event to mirror the essence of CPC.  It is designed to be experienced in community with other children's ministry leaders.  We encourage you to watch the live broadcast in real time, but we know that there will be interruptions and other responsibilities in your daytime hours. 

With that in mind, we are now pleased to share that our event platform, Accelevents, will allow you to access the recordings of the event (including the broadcasted portions and replays) after the event concludes on Thursday at 3:15 pm CST. This will only be accessible for a period of time through the event platform.

In addition to being able to access the recordings through the event platform, you will also receive access to a General Session and Breakout Session recording bundle following the event - these are recordings of just the training/teachings (it does not include worship or broadcasted portions of the event.) This link to the bundle will be available to you indefinitely.