Often the reason a payment method is not working is because the auto-fill feature of the registration process has filled in the contact information with the INCORRECT ADDRESS. Please make sure that the address you are using on the payment page matches the credit/debit card you are using. 

If you have a matching address and credit/debit card and are still encountering trouble, first, please confirm that your card is working properly (ie: it's not expired, or there isn't an internal credit issue)

If it's functioning as it should, please email "contact support" below. It takes 1-2 business days for INCM's accountant to have access to the reason your card is being declined.

Occasionally we encounter this issue at the end of or after regular business hours. If a price increase is at stake, rest assured, if you have contacted us within the current price timeframe, you will receive the current price even if it has expired. (we're that good :)