This year, Beth Guckenberger will be introducing our stations. Once she explains a station, she will give time during a worship song to do the activity. Then she will move on to the next activity. 
If you would like to prepare ahead of time for the prayer experience, there are a couple of ways we can suggest for you to do this: 
  1. Give each person a packet with the elements that they will need upon entering your CPC space. i.e. 9 grapes, printed handout sheets, a teaspoon of herbs, small to-go cup of olive oil. This way they can do each activity in their space. 
  2. Choose 4 different locations with plenty of space so that people can go to each spot, grab the element, then do the activity. 
These are the items you will need for the Prayer Experience:
  • Print the PrayerExperience pages from the CPC handbook;
    phone flashlight or flashlight,
  • pen/pencil,
  • nine grapes or nine pieces of candy,
  • loose leaf tea or herbs,
  • olive oil.