Webinars, Online Events, and Courses are benefits of myINCM membership and are available on the myINCM portal after a member has logged in. 

A member may view Webinar and Online Event content with their teams after logging in while viewing on the same device.  There is no current way for a member to share content without sharing their personal myINCM login credentials. 

Coursework should never be shared with another team member. Courses are designed as one-person, registered classwork programs with homework and accountability. The curriculum is designed for the individual learner with requirements like discussion posts and quizzes for one unique user. If you have a group of five or more that would like to take a course together, please click the blue button below and we can assist you.

If you have a question which category the resource you would like to share falls under, please email us by clicking the blue button below with the specific title.